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General Gaming / Re: Borderlands 3 might be coming.
« Last post by Quemaqua on Monday, December 03, 2018, 09:54:50 PM »
No surprise if they go back to the well given how much they've fucked everything else up since Borderlands 2. They've kinda been running their name through the mud for a good while now.
General Gaming / Re: Darq
« Last post by Quemaqua on Monday, December 03, 2018, 09:53:55 PM »
Wow, that does look super cool.
General Gaming / Re: Darksiders 3
« Last post by Quemaqua on Monday, December 03, 2018, 09:52:38 PM »
I actually like the labyrinth idea. I honestly wasn't that big on the "open-world" aspect of the first one. It wasn't focused enough and felt like it meandered into meaningless territory too often. But I also think the art is cool, and I love how the third one looks. I still need to go back and play 2 at some point.
General Gaming / Re: Valve is going to take a smaller cut from bigger games on Steam
« Last post by Quemaqua on Monday, December 03, 2018, 09:50:46 PM »
They tried that, it was called Desura.

I think this is a pretty shitty thing. Just because it's standard practice doesn't make it good.
General Gaming / Re: Frustrating Games
« Last post by Quemaqua on Monday, December 03, 2018, 09:45:48 PM »
At first I thought maybe I hadn't died in Hollow Knight yet because that didn't sound familiar, but upon thinking about it, I definitely have. I guess it just didn't bother me. I have a pretty good mind for maps and directions which helps me in games like that. I keep wanting to go back to play more Hollow Knight but never have the time, and the Japanese is way too difficult for me to enjoy the story, so I have to play in English, which is a self-prohibition for me at the moment. I love the design choices, though, like the map. That's a game that speaks to me on many levels.

We were just talking about Shadow of War earlier, and Shadow of Mordor frustrated me. We've talked about this before, but I felt it was too easy, and that's it's own kind of frustration. Like I've played a lot of games I loved from an art/design standpoint and thought they were legitimately good, but they were just too easy and that took all the wind out of my sails. I don't need every game to be a huge challenge (I love Okami, which is very easy and was designed to be so), but when it comes to combat and stuff I often find that impossible to get past in a game that focuses on it so heavily. I heard they added difficulty levels to Shadow of War and got all excited, but opinions were so down on it for so long I never bit. Kinda hoping that after getting rid of the microtransaction BS and fixing things up a bit it'll be something I can play when I get home.

OG Witcher definitely hasn't aged well. I have a tremendous fondness for it, but going back was tough.

Back on the topic of frustration, I realized playing Rimworld lately that I often get frustrated with builder-type games. I really love them in principle, but I tend to love the first half of a game a lot more than the second. After a point it often gets difficult to get a handle on things and keep them functioning, or just to build in a way that's efficient and sensible. I tend to get frustrated when I start losing the ability to have the control I want over things (which is not the fault of those games, but a failing of my own OCD needs, I guess). I used to feel that way about the old Sim City games too. And Civilization endgames have always been my least favorite part. I generally quit a game of Civ halfway through.

So yeah, I guess that has nothing to do with those games being frustrating and everything to do with the way I approach them. I sometimes struggle with JRPGs that way too. I'll be all on fire in the beginning and then once I learn the systems pretty deeply and start getting a handle on the combat, they start to lose their spark unless the story and world are really good.

Oh, you know, I find Minecraft to be quite frustrating. There's a part of me that wants to like it, but ultimately after I spend like 10 hours in a game I start getting fed up with the rote mechanics. And having to look up crafting recipes every five minutes because it doesn't really have a good progression for that to help you look ahead. It only ever tells you what you can do RIGHT NOW, which doesn't help me know where to go from there.
General Gaming / Re: Frustrating Games
« Last post by Cobra951 on Monday, December 03, 2018, 08:35:31 AM »

For these games: 

Darksiders - I liked the first the most.  Try the second but I think if the first isn't doing it for you the whole series might not be your jam.

Witcher 2 - Witcher 1 gets a lot of shit for being hard to get into but I found the second to be the most disappointing.  Something about it, like it was polished but there was just so many poor design decisions that made it hard to play and hard to stay with.  If you're not liking it just watch some story videos and jump into the third....much much better experience in every way.

For me Hollow Knight is the most frustrating game I've come across in recent memory.  I have a love/hate relationship with the gameplay style and realize that the "find your corpse to reclaim your progress" mechanic is key in these types of game but a combination of that mechanic and the map system in this particular game just kills me.  I've spent two periods playing this game and getting really into it, only to get frustrated enough at the map system and loss of progress to just finally give up.  I don't think there'll be a third when there are so many great games in this genre that are just less annoying to me.

My feelings, pretty much, all the way across.  Witcher 2 got no less than two of my attempts to get into it.  No go.  I tried the first game on the PC, and combat is so yucky that I couldn't power through it.  If feels too archaic, in a bad way.  (Some old mechanics in older games are still fun.)  Hollow Knight I eventually quit in frustration.  Punishing repetition is just not my idea of fun.  I never liked it, even when I thought I had to live with it in the early console years.
General Gaming / Re: Valve is going to take a smaller cut from bigger games on Steam
« Last post by Cobra951 on Monday, December 03, 2018, 08:19:13 AM »
It seems a bit disingenuous to call this a regressive tax.  Higher volume sales lead to lower unit costs.  That's quite standard in business, as is bigger players negotiating better deals.  Also, small and indie developers would not sell nearly as much as they do without a platform like Steam.  And it's not like anyone forces them to publish on Steam.  I don't know.  I understand their sentiments.  Maybe they can form a big group and launch their own publishing platform--or at least threaten it convincingly enough to get Valve to sweeten the pot.
General Gaming / Re: Frustrating Games
« Last post by Xessive on Monday, December 03, 2018, 12:05:30 AM »
Bad reception? I watched the first 35 minutes of it, it looked pretty good.
Yeah, Darksiders 3 seems to be getting some bad reviews but overall settling around the middle of the range.

Personally, I am enjoying it so far.
General Gaming / Re: Darksiders 3
« Last post by Xessive on Monday, December 03, 2018, 12:03:27 AM »
I'm enjoying Darksiders 3 but it's not the best in the trilogy. It's not a bad game by any measure, but it lacks some of the things that made the previous games great.

It's not exactly open-world. It's more like an openly accessible labyrinth. Given the right tools you can unlock new areas etc.

Visually it's not stunning but it does look good; it's more about art style than technical graphics. That said, some of the effects e.g. reflections are very well done.
General Discussion / Re: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
« Last post by Pugnate on Sunday, December 02, 2018, 04:44:36 PM »
For the natives it never was.
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