Author Topic: Video Artifacting  (Read 2222 times)

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Video Artifacting
« on: Monday, December 15, 2008, 10:20:01 PM »
Ive been noticing this in WoW. Every now and again an assortment seizure inducing array of colored polygons will shimmer across the screen. From what I read its due to video memory over heating. Could it also be due to the systems memory? When I upgraded the RAM I didnt buy the typical gaming series of RAM that Corsair or Kingston has. I just bought a regular Kingston twin pack of 1GBs that dont have the heatsinks over them. Could that be the problem? I would hate to think the ATI card I bought is defective. Its a ATI Radeon 1950 pro, AGP slotted.

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Re: Video Artifacting
« Reply #1 on: Thursday, December 18, 2008, 01:07:35 AM »
ATi are the kings of overheating video hardware.  Ask the Xbox division at Microsoft.

Seriously, that does sound like it's the video hardware overheating, and has nothing to do with system memory.  That would cause system lockups.

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Re: Video Artifacting
« Reply #2 on: Thursday, December 18, 2008, 01:35:10 PM »
Is it happening in other games as well? Could actually just be a driver issue. Run 3D mark or something and see if it continues.

And no, this can't have anything to do with RAM. The gaming series of RAM only matters when you are pumping 2.1 v into the RAM and overclocking etc. The regular Kingston memory is excellent. The gaming RAM is a bit overhyped if you plan to run your hardware as it is meant to.


If it is happening in every other game, then go to the video card settings and try messing with the settings. I am not talking about anti aliasing or anisotropic filtering, but the other little stuff. Some of it can cause weird issues at times.