Author Topic: Smartphone Megathread. It's the shit.  (Read 65686 times)

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Re: Smartphone Megathread. It's the shit.
« Reply #480 on: Friday, September 06, 2019, 11:14:34 PM »
I have a Note 9. It replaced my cracked Galaxy S7Edge that was in poor shape. Last year, on Black Friday, I had finished my contract and decided to go with another company that was offering a brilliant monthly deal just for wireless usage. When I told my own company (Rogers) they gave me an incredible deal for the Note 9. Not only did I get an awesome Lenovo Google Home Display for free, the Note 9 was offered at a great deal. Essentially, the 24 monthly payments totalled were less than discounted retail price by a few hundred dollars. Apparently, it was a loyalty deal.

I am sure they did some automatic calculations on the cost of losing me as a customer.

Anyway, the Note 9 is an incredible phone. Gorgeous screen, awesome real estate, powerful, interesting pen gimmicks, and just looks stunning. The camera is something else, too.

The only thing is that I'll probably keep it till it craps out till my last phone. There was a time when nothing excited me like a new phone. But times have changed. There's just not enough in a new phone to justify upgrading regularly. And market trends are relfective of this. Sales are dropping. The new folding phone by Samsung is desperation.