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General Gaming / Re: Mass Effect 3 to be more of an RPG?
« Last post by gpw11 on Thursday, June 03, 2021, 10:27:52 PM »
I appreciated this post.  I loved Mass Effect 3 but don't think I ever played the DLC. Playing back through the series with Legendary Edition I realized I always wanted more from the Aria/Omega story so I'm glad the option is there.
General Gaming / Re: Nvidia Video Cards THREAD - Update: 12gb RTX 3080 Ti announced
« Last post by gpw11 on Thursday, June 03, 2021, 10:20:50 PM »
$1,200 MSRP.  How do you justify that?
General Gaming / Re: DOOM: Eternal
« Last post by MysterD on Tuesday, June 01, 2021, 04:38:41 AM »
DOOM Eternal is getting DLSS & RTX Support; and RDR2 & R6: Siege are getting DLSS support:

DOOM Eternal - here's footage of it at 4K on the upcoming 12gb RTX 3080 Ti ($1200 card):
General Gaming / Re: Nvidia Video Cards THREAD - Update: RTX 3080 to have 20GB VRAM maybe?
« Last post by MysterD on Tuesday, June 01, 2021, 04:37:49 AM »
NVidia announced 8gb RTX 3070 Ti ($599 MSRP) and 12gb RTX 3080 Ti ($1200 MSRP) for June 2021 release:

DOOM Eternal is getting DLSS & RTX Support; and RDR2 & R6: Siege are getting DLSS support:

DOOM Eternal - here's footage of it at 4K on the upcoming 12gb RTX 3080 Ti ($1200 card):
General Gaming / Re: Mass Effect 3 to be more of an RPG?
« Last post by MysterD on Monday, May 31, 2021, 08:42:27 PM »
When it comes to one of the most memorable franchises & influential series, the Mass Effect Trilogy (ME1+2+3) has to be on that list. In terms of taking your character and importing from game-to-game-to-game and having a lot of your journey throughout turn out in all kinds of different ways, this series does this fantastically, paving the way for other franchises & game series to attempt this. In terms of combat also & with being very cinematic, ME Trilogy also paved the way and still does, influencing many games in numerous ways.

In terms of combat, ME1 leaned towards RPG/shooter hybrid and leaned too much into the RPG-stats stuff & dice-rolls, which left the combat janky, clunky & at times frustrating. ME2 totally flipped the series on its head, focusing more so on making the combat great; less on RPG-stats influencing the combat; and fantastic characters, stories & missions - making it one of the best games ever made.

ME3 continued down the influential road ME2 carved & still found ways to improve the combat & gun-play - which many RPG/shooter and shooter/RPG hybrids have been influenced by, still to this very day and likely beyond that - delivering a great & epic send-off, but still never fully living-up to this finale b/c of how most of the ending(s) here didn't deliver the conclusion many wanted from the series...even though, one could also make a point that the entire game feels like an ending & epilogue of sort.

Regardless, ME3 was still great - yes, even despite its flaws - and so was this franchise...even despite Andromeda never living up to any of the hype.  But, one thing always left me wondering, since I didn't grab the DLC's until a few years back: do the DLC's help or solve any of the problems of ME3's story, lore, and/or ending(s)? Finally, after all of these years, I've decided to tackle the DLC's for Mass Effect 3.

FROM ASHES DLC - 05-29-2021.
Taking about an hour or so to finish, this DLC is about finding a Prothean artifact on Eden Prime. The combat, mission, and action here is good & absolutely solid. What makes this DLC important & really worthwhile is finding The Prothean Artifact and an actual Prothean being, in which this Prothean can become a party member that can join your crew, once you find him. Throughout this mission, you'll find out more info about the Protheans and their past, as a species and some important history of their race. If you follow the Mass Effect series' Lore, you'll know the Protheans are very important to the series. Once finishing the mission, Javik (The Prothean) will tell you some important info about the Protheans, which is also very important.

Granted, I haven't replayed the entire game and haven't took Javik everywhere - but supposedly, also throughout the ME3 game, if you bring Javik along, he can tell you more about Prothean artifacts and things, when necessary - which sounds a lot similar to Shale from Dragon Age: Origins, that this all should've not been cut from the game and not been DLC.

Regardless, the DLC mission is good and the action's good, despite its 1 hour brevity; and Javik's really important as a character and what he says about Protheans also is very important too. I do wish the mission itself was longer,'s all killer and no filler.

OMEGA DLC - 05-29-2021.
This 4-hour long campaign or so is an action-packed romp, where you and Aria T'Loak are trying to retake the Omega Station. Omega is now in Cerberus' control and Aria is having none of that. There's more to it than just Cerberus taking it over, as there's more than meets the eye as to why they're there. Not only just all of that, but you also meet an interesting Turian named Nyreen, too (who will join your party during this DLC). Nyreen is from Aria's past - and yeah, she definitely has history with Aria. Also, they have some great and interesting banter b/t each other; and teaming with Aria is nothing short of awesome & fun.

While this DLC isn't tied entirely to the game's story, plot, and whatnot - this does stand-alone as its own story here and is just an action-packed combat-fest, which is also loaded with a new enemy type to battle too. Revisiting the Omega hub (which was is ME2) and seeing how it's evolved since then here in ME3 - yes, for better and/or worse - and seeing its often turned into mostly combat-zones, is nothing short of a blast and feels like a taking a trip back home...well, once you take it back for Aria, it'll feel more like home.

Regardless, the Omega DLC was pretty good, to say the very least and is definitely worth playing. It's worth taking back Omega Station; enjoy the ride, banter & shootout(s).

LEVIATHAN DLC - 05-30-2021.
After a little over 4 hours or so, the Leviathan DLC is in the books. This DLC takes place at a few areas all over the Galaxy, as you'll need to investigate a Doctor's Home (on more than on occasion) to find & look into what this Doctor was looking into, which are some interesting & gun investigation sequences.

With also a lot of story & Lore here, this helps re-write some of ME's history & deliver some really interesting revelations, all about the Reapers...and then some about another really important being & species, without going into spoiler turf here.

If all of this wasn't enough already...well, there's more: the area scanning; galaxy hopping; planet scanning; a mech-combat sequence; and a mech-exploration sequence while underwater (yes, you read that correctly!) are all great here.

This DLC's great and is so important to ME3 and the entire ME Trilogy as a whole, so...this is easy to give a recommendation. This is "must play" and "must experience" stuff right here, making the Leviathan DLC a "must have" DLC here for ME3.

CITADEL DLC - 05-31-2021.
Clocking it at a little over 7 hours or so, Citadel is the final and best DLC for ME3. Shepard is trying to get some time away to relax & spend time with his crew & friends, before the final battle with The Reapers here.

Well...of course, things don't go well and Shepard and his crew is being attacked, as he's going out on leave before the final battle. So, Shepard gets his crew together, to take on this new threat.

And what a new threat this is! A crew of, what seems to be, mercenaries is coming after Shepard & his crew. They are to take these battles head-on, throughout different areas of The Citadel and whatnot, and figure out what's going on & who is coming after that. With a few twists & turns in this DLC and lots of actions, this DLC is nothing short of awesome.

If the above isn't enough, there are times when there are side-quests & mini-games to take on and plenty of interactions with your party all over the place & throughout this DLC - yes, even more so, especially in the last few hours or so - that makes this DLC feel like a great Epilogue...which all happens before the Final Battle.

At times, this DLC is light-hearted, serious, dramatic, fun, off-the-wall, hilarious, crazy, heart-warming, epic, and who knows what-else - and regardless of where it all goes, it's just all great. This DLC does it all, in the decent amount of time it goes on here. Not only that, but the final boss fight here is absolutely epic and might be on par even w/ the excellent ME1 boss fight w/ Saren. This DLC also actually feels like the best & real conclusion to ME3 here, as its satisfying as can be, giving many fans some closure & fan service here, unlike the base-game for many fans. Many fans were disappointed w/ the ME3 base-game and what it offered-up, namely b/c the base-game's ending(s) & the direction those took, didn't really offer up much closure and much choices...and many of those choices not have felt that worthwhile either.

Regardless, Citadel DLC is by far the best DLC here and is even more so a "must have" and "must experience," surpassing even the greatness that Leviathan DLC delivered.

OUTRO - 05-31-2021.
When it's all said & done, ME3 was a great game, even despite its flawed ending(s) & some storylines and plots not feeling properly wrapped-up or not executed that great. This ME3: DLC Bundle Pack here does wonders for ME3, in so many ways.

Whether it's adding more important Lore in its short-time of its mission & short aftermath in From Ashes; adding another awesome mission & quest in Omega DLC; adding more important Lore and gameplay in Leviathan DLC; and/or the awesome & final Citadel DLC that does so many things greatly & feels like it could be the better Epilogue and/or conclusion to ME3 (than what the base-game provided) - these DLC's, when packaged altogether, they definitely deliver all the goods...and then some.

After spending about approximately 16 hours w/ all these DLC's altogether, this one's an easy one & a no-brainer: this Bundle Pack of DLC's for ME3 adds more great & often very important content to ME3, making this ME3: DLC Bundle Pack absolutely essential to enjoy the ME3 experience.

Simply put: get this DLC Bundle Pack for ME3.
General Gaming / Re: Titanfall 2
« Last post by idolminds on Friday, May 14, 2021, 09:38:59 PM »
Yeah the campaign was really good. I was too late to get into multiplayer with it and would get destroyed if I tried.
General Gaming / Re: Titanfall 2
« Last post by gpw11 on Thursday, May 13, 2021, 11:15:08 PM »
As much as I enjoyed the MP when this first came out the campaign is really the highpoint of this game.  Glad you liked it.
General Gaming / Re: Resident Evil 7
« Last post by MysterD on Thursday, May 13, 2021, 04:58:56 AM »
WRITTEN ON ... 05-12-2021:

Finished-up the Campaign for RE7 (base-game). Some thoughts, after spending around 15.3 hours with it in total, according to Steam.

While I didn't mention performance before, I really should mention both performance & graphics quality here. This game was easily running at 1080p at 240fps, which I didn't need - so I capped it and was running maxed-out at 120fps. It never budged below 120fps, running like an absolute top. And this was all meanwhile it was looking as great & awesome as it does, both artistically and technically...without even having Ray-Tracing support here.

This is one of the more terrifying & memorable games in not just RE history, but also gaming history - yes, in all of its grotesque & explicit violence and horror, this evokes things of often disgust & shock. It was a feeling to me that was unlike many horror games here, as this was often giving me vibes of Deliverance, Hannibal, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Wrong Turn; sick & chilling vibes that I'd often feel more so in movies of that sort than in game. Pretty much, it doesn't get much more psychological, sicker and disgusting than this, when it comes to game - and this game can & will deliver more shocks, chills & thrills than most games ever have.

For the story here: Ethan Winters - who is who the player plays as, during most of this game and experience - goes to Louisiana. Winters does go down to the Bayou, to find his wife Mia. She went missing and he's to go find her, running into a House and a lot of swamp-land, where a family known as The Baker Family resides. Of course, all of that is really just part of the story, as that's only part & sum of the 1st 3/4ths of the base-game.

Onto the final parts of the game, the game takes a drastic turn, into the last section of the game. Most of the game is survival-horror and whatnot, namely in its 1st 3/4ths - but it becomes more action-y in the end and explains more as to why what happened & caused the first 3/4ths of the game, its story, and characters to...well, go the way that it did.

With a lot of Lore in the game-world having plot, story, and whatnot...especially in the last 1/4th of the game, where it all really ties its bigger picture and more of a grand scenario into the very personal & horrific story for the 1st 3/4ths - of course, it's all loaded with some twists, turns, revelations & whatnot. While the 1st 3/4ths is fantastic for both the rebirth & evolution of survival-horror, the last 1/4th brings & re-welcomes us to that action that we've seen in the last few RE games (i.e. RE 4, 5 & 6; and even some parts of RE: Revelations 1 & 2) all while in 1st person.

Nothing short of awesome & out-standing, RE7 delivers in all fronts, delivering one of the best survival-horror games & most personal of the RE games in the 1st 3/4ths of the game and also one of the best conclusions & tie-ins with a much bigger picture & grander scale with the last 1/4th of the game, going out with an absolute bang...and then some.

RE7 is the best RE game that I've played since RE4.
General Gaming / Re: Titanfall 2
« Last post by MysterD on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 02:22:39 PM »
Titanfall 2 (Origin/PC) - Single Player Campaign -> My Review

WRITTEN ON ... May 8th, 2021.

For a few years, I've been sitting - yes, probably foolishly - here on Titanfall 2, letting it sit in my ever-growing backlog. As someone who loved the MP (Multi-Player) for Titanfall 1; and also loved what I played of Titanfall 2's Multiplayer during a Free Trial on Origin, you'd think I'd have played this a long time ago. As someone who is all about Single Player Campaign and heard TF2 had a good one - yes, I probably should have. Regardless, I've finally sat down and played TF2's Campaign.

And what a campaign this one is! This one is nothing short of awesome, to say the least. With butter-smooth gameplay, combat, and shooting mechanics; non-stop action; wall-running & wall-jumping puzzles; mech-driven & mech-shooting sequences where you ride & are controlling an awesome mech; huge open-spaced shootouts, whether on foot and even in a Titan; lots of awesome set-pieces; and all kinds of other action-packed sequences - for the most part, this game doesn't let its foot off the gas. This feels & plays like a Call of Duty game gone sci-fi mixed with elements of MechWarrior games (battling in mechs) and wall-running & wall-jumping parkour like that out of Mirror's Edge series - thankfully and smartly, having nothing to do with the CoD license, so it never has a chance to have a realistic franchise jump the shark, so-to-speak. At 1080p at a locked 60fps with settings all maxed-out on my RTX 3070 here - this game looks quite good (especially on the artistic side) and plays absolutely perfect.

This is a game about a man, Jack Cooper, who you play as, who is part of one (the Frontier Militia) of two groups (Frontier Militia and the IMC) at war over a region of star systems. The IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Company) wants worlds & all of their resources, while the Frontier Militia are fighting for their independence from the IMC. Pilots, in which those (Pilots) who control mech-like robots called Titans (similar to mechs in MechWarrior games), have with their Robot & its AI, as they go out into battle. While most of the time is with the player in combat & action, there are certainly moments where the player gets to bond with their mentor, their squad, and especially their mech-robot and its AI - and this game does not waste any of its time, dialogue, or anything, still delivering an epic and even heartfelt & emotional bond with these the player will care about his AI, his squad, and his mentor, by the time this campaign concludes.

And what a conclusion it is! After about 8 hours or so with this, this Campaign is one that's completed in the books. An absolutely awesome Single-Player Campaign from start-to-finish, that delivers in every single way and one of the most memorable of this kind of linear shooter, one of the best ones I've played in quite a while, of this type of shooter. If you have not bought this game, played this game, or have this one somehow sitting in your backlog - go get it and play this one right now.

Simply put: this campaign is outstanding and should not be missed.
General Gaming / Re: Metro: Exodus - Update: Enhanced Edition annnounced (Reply 3)
« Last post by MysterD on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 02:16:50 PM »
Metro: Exodus - Enhanced Edition

WRITTEN ON ... 05-07-2021:

Luckily, on 1st boot last night - never had issues; booted-up fine. In some ways, I guess it pays to keep all my graphics card drives and W10 version up-to-date.

My desktop PC - I'm on a 10700KF; 16 GB RAM; 8GB VRAM on RTX 3070.

This thing runs like a top. I was shocked, running at around 120-160fps; better than the OG version.

Maxed-out at 1080p, but that's with VRS x4. 'Til this morning, didn't even dig into what VRS actually is (Variable Rate Shader).

From what I'm gathering about VRS, thanks to Eurogamer, I guess, for better image quality - since this VRS features degrades it - this VRS feature should be turned OFF or at 2x's (default setting), if you care about image quality.

Seems like VRS and DLSS are really useful for performance; and probably going to be really important for lower-end RT cards here or those who just want high-as-heck framerates on better RT'd cards.

I'll have to try more and benchmark some more later, once I'm home and all.
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