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General Gaming / Re: Bad Day LA Gamespot Review
« Last post by K-man on Thursday, July 21, 2022, 01:15:54 PM »
Que owns a copy of this.  Just sayin'
General Gaming / Re: The Currently Playing Thread / Recently Finished Thread
« Last post by K-man on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 07:36:35 AM »
Finished Borderlands 3 a few days ago.  The main story, at least.  Good dumb fun as always.
General Discussion / Re: My family and I are officially Canadian citizens now
« Last post by Pugnate on Thursday, July 14, 2022, 12:44:22 AM »
Thanks Scary. Nice to see you post.
General Discussion / Re: My family and I are officially Canadian citizens now
« Last post by ScaryTooth on Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 08:45:13 AM »
That's awesome, dude! Congratulations!

Entertainment / Re: "What TV Shows Have You Watched Lately?" Thread
« Last post by idolminds on Sunday, July 10, 2022, 08:37:53 PM »
Only thing Ive watched recently was season 3 of The Boys, which was pretty good.
General Gaming / Re: Cyberpunk 2077
« Last post by Pugnate on Monday, July 04, 2022, 07:19:02 PM »
Well, I bought it on the Steam sale.
General Discussion / Re: My family and I are officially Canadian citizens now
« Last post by Pugnate on Monday, July 04, 2022, 01:21:10 PM »
Thanks friend.
General Gaming / Re: Resident Evil 3 Remake
« Last post by MysterD on Monday, July 04, 2022, 07:14:07 AM »

So, I'm some say 4 hours into Resident Evil 3 [Remake] (2020). It's basically more Resident Evil 2 in many ways, which can be great in some ways & not-so-great in others. If you loved RE2 Remake - well, you'll probably like this game, at least; it's more of that. While it's great that it doesn't change much here in many ways and doesn't try to "fix what wasn't broken", it doesn't really push much forward in RE3 Remake here. It also even reuses some areas from RE2 Remake, such as the Police Station. In many ways, this feels more like a DLC and/or an expansion pack, not a full-blown sequel here. Kind of makes sense here, as this also came out a year later, likely capitalizing on the fantastic RE2R (Resident Evil 2: Remake) from 2020.

A lot of the combat, movement, Inventory set-up & manipulation (grid-like set-up for you to play Tetris with), and whatnot - yes, this is basically taken & improved in some ways (i.e. visually more slick here) here in RE3R. While in RE2R you felt like you were often scrounging for ammo and it was at a more methodical and slower pace & all, often with less enemies on-screen on once like other classic survivor-horror games - well, RE3R feels more like an action-game, as you'll often feel a bit more bombarded with enemies and ammo & action.

Nemesis, who often chases Jill here in RE3 Remake, reminds me a lot of Mr. X here from RE2R, namely in both design & style - but Nemesis feels tweaked-up a bit here in some ways - though, encounters often feels more cinematic & scripted here in this game over RE2 Remake. Again, this feels like they're following a lot of the RE2R formula & copy & pasting it and reskinning basically reskinned Mr. X here with Nemesis.

You won't be mostly playing as Leon here, this go around. Instead here, you'll be playing mostly as Jill Valentine, as this is her story here. Per usual with Resident Evil games: monsters are running amok somewhere; a Virus & out-break has happened; Umbrella Corp. is involved w/ experimenting on humans & whatnot; a cover-up is in the process of happening; and you (as the player) are here to stop this location from being overrun. In this case here, this is happening around & after the events of RE2 [Remake] (2019).

Just like RE2R, RE3R also looks great with RT On - of course, that's provided you have a system that can handle it. If not, you might be better off reversing it back to the old patch without RT, to get much better performance. With a 10700KF, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, 2 TB HDD, 8GB VRAM on the RTX 3070, W10 x64 - I can achieve 1080p60fps with both RT & FSR On, provided I don't exceed or push things past the VRAM limits of my beefy video card.

So far, I like it, but don't love it. It's good, but not as great as RE2 Remake. More to come, when I finish it.
General Gaming / Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake announced
« Last post by MysterD on Monday, July 04, 2022, 06:50:21 AM »
QUICK THOUGHTS / INTRO = 06-26-2022.
Just finished-up Resident Evil 2 (Remake) [2019]. Took me around 14.2 hours to finish Leon's Campaign. This game was nothing short of awesome & obviously is the Standard Bearer and Gold Standard on how to do a Remake. It's nothing short of great. With Ray-Tracing On, all provided that you have the system & power to actually handle this and that can get it running worthwhile for yourself and at a framerate you're fine with - yeah, this game looks fantastic. Me, well...I got it to 60fps at 1080p somehow at mostly High settings on my desktop PC (loaded with an i7 10700KF; 16 GB RAM; RTX 3070 with 8 GB VRAM; 1 TB SSD; 2 TB HDD; W10 x64), thankfully. Out-standing game that's basically namely "All Killer, No Filler."
General Gaming / Re: Resident Evil 2 Remake announced
« Last post by MysterD on Monday, July 04, 2022, 06:46:15 AM »
RE2R and RE3R - RT Patch Talk.

SOME THOUGHTS = 06-15-2022.
Checked out the Upgrade patches for Resident Evil 2 Remake & RE 3 Remake. Some thoughts.

My specs are as follows on my desktop: i7 10700KF; 16 GB RAM; 8gb VRAM on RTX 3070; 1TB SSD; 2TB HDD.

Performance can be a total mess, if you try to push it. The game already could eat up a lot of VRAM without RT before-hand, but it's even more demanding now if you have RT and stick that on. You're going to want likely around 12-14GB of VRAM to max these games out at every setting, even at 1080p - so yes, this is now even more of a VRAM hog than WD: Legion, for crying out loud. Unreal.

Sticking most stuff at High on 1080p with FSR On at Quality Mode - BTW, DLSS is NOT supported w/ this patch. Also threw on a 60fps lock ad turned off Shadow Cache, which those two altogether were able to stop the performance instability; roller-coaster-like & huge performance drops & rises; micro-stutters; and annoying problems of that sort.

Of course, it ran fine w/ RT Off on my system - and for many, that still might be the way to go if you want high framerates above 60fps.

Good luck w/ this patch, for those trying to run this; especially w/ RT On.

MORE THOUGHTS = 06-16-2022:
I don't know why Capcom thought it was smart to release a RT-Upgrade Patch, force it on all Steam-users, all here without any sort of fallback back for the Non-RT versions. The system requirements b/t those versions are MUCH different - and the changes are HUGE here.

And RT games ain't the easiest to run either - they're VERY demanding, even w/ RT hardware.

Even for me w/ RT-hardware here, it took be quite a bit to get RE2R & RE3R w/ the new RT-Patch running even well on a RTX 3070 with 8GB VRAM. About an hour or so at least of messing around & testing. This patch is a resource hog & I'd need 12-14GB VRAM to run this stuff properly at max settings - this is more brutal than WD: Legion (which wants around 10-11 GB VRAM) at max. I had to do all kinds of stuff to get it to a stable 60fps.

The old versions w/ No RT - could easily get RE2R Old-version at 100fps+. Old version runs fantastic.

At least they (Capcom) listened, brought back old Non-RT versions for all 3 games & let people be able to get the old-version; you just have to dig into your Steam Library options for each game and find it over in BETA section.
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