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Overwritten Radio Episode 2!

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Greetings everyone, episode 2 is ready for public consumption!

Starring: Quemaqua, idolminds, sirean_syan, Pyromenace, and TheOtherBelmont

In this episode we all reminisce about the PS2 and our favorite games on the platform. We also talk about some newsy stuff, what we've all be playing, and other random junk.

We rambled on for 2 freaking hours when we recorded this thing, so a big hand to Que for editing it down to something more manageable. We promise to watch our time better next time around. We're all learning as we go along. Also we don't plan on having quite so many people in the future, it just worked out that everyone was on and wanted to be involved. We'll probably stick to 4 people.

Download it here!

News Links:

Sony CEO Talks PS3 Price Cut
id Tech 5 video; ids tech licensing page; VGCats Real Is Brown
Bit-Blot - Makers of Aquaria and Eternal Daughter
Capcom on Steam
AMA to vote on game addition (they voted yes, but I'm to lazy to find that link)
Jack Thompson secret meeting; JT after Wendys
Soul Calibur 4

Enjoy! Post comments and stuff!

Wewt!  Thanks for posting it up, idol.  Everyone please let me know what you think.  This is really another "test" episode all things considered, just with better software, more structure, and a lot of editing.  I hope we'll soon be getting the hang of this and getting ever more interesting content.  Who knows, maybe even some interviews with people more interesting than us!  Time will tell.

I for one need a giant break from editing this crap, so it'll probably be another 2 weeks before the next show.  I've got some outlines written but want to continue working on the show structure, so hopefully things will improve by next time and I want to give us enough time to work on that stuff.  Also, while I contributed the main theme (which may or may not change in the future) and the special SH2-remix ending to this show, hopefully NatchDan is going to be doing some chiptune stuff for us in the future, which should be fun (and we all love Dan's stuff), and I'm very happy about this because right now I don't want to even THINK about the podcast.  Anyone that followed the other thread knows that Audacity crashed and lost all my editing work, which took roughly 4 hours, the first time around.  It took another 4 or so for the 2nd try, and that doesn't include another few hours just getting things together, let alone the time spent actually recording the thing!

Thanks to all who participated.  It was good fun.  Look forward to next show!

i'm halfway through it at the moment, and so far it's way better than the first attempt. i think it works really well as a community reflection on what's going on in gaming, which i guess is what you were going for. i would definitely download this again, not just because it's you guys, but because it's actually pretty decent.

It makes me very happy to hear you say that.  Hopefully we can continue to improve it as we evolve.

It didn't sound as bad as I thought it was going to sound, but damn we rambled so much, thanks for all of the massive editing work you did Que.


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