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Overwritten Radio Episode 2!

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Heh, no problem.  I'm just sad about a lot of the stuff I had to cut.  You guys are fun to listen to.  Hopefully everyone feels they were well represented.  I tried to make sure I cut evenly across the board.  I had to cut a bit less from my own stuff just due to structure and such in general, but I cut some pretty massive rambles of mine down to next to nothing.

Wo0t!! I got mentioned on this Podcast!!!! :)

Wow, I didn't realize Sirean's love for Z.O.E.  I hated that game more than any game I have ever played before it.  I guess it was decent, but it was so short and just left you hanging at the end that it pissed me off incredibly.

The game had problems with all sorts of stuff, but for what it did well it did really well (the fast giant robot combat I talked about). I loved it for that stuff. Thankfully, they focused more on that stuff in the sequel and tightened everything else up enough to make a really great game.

Yeah, the first one didn't do too well on the whole fan-wise, but the sequel was almost universally loved.


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