Author Topic: 8bitdo makes some really nice controllers  (Read 186 times)

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8bitdo makes some really nice controllers
« on: Wednesday, September 02, 2020, 09:55:44 PM »

I have one of the SN30s. It's an extremely faithful reproduction of an SNES (USA) controller, down to the font to the feel of the buttons to the plastic itself.

I went to buy a 2nd one so I could play Bubble Bobble with my wife, but it's discontinued so I picked up a SN30 Pro. Still very high quality, but there are obviously some departures from the SNES controller.

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Re: 8bitdo makes some really nice controllers
« Reply #1 on: Monday, September 07, 2020, 02:54:19 PM »
I've been really wanting to grab an SN30 Pro+. Been using an iBuffalo SNES style pad for retro games and an old 360 controller for everything else but the 360 pad is getting pretty worn and needs a replacement. The SN30Pro+ would be nice because then its a good controller for both retro and modern games.