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General Discussion / Road trips to Michigan
« Last post by Pugnate on Saturday, August 27, 2022, 09:36:35 PM »
So, my sister and her hubby have gone back to Grand Rapids in Michigan and settled down there. My parents were visiting them, so I took a couple of road trips with my wife and kid to meet them.

Their house is extraordinary. It's a massive and beautiful house which would cost 3 or 4 mil. easy in the Greater Toronto Area. But I think they paid around 500K.

I am trying to be polite but Michigan itself feels like a very neglected state. Driving from Ontario is like going from an advanced and wealthy province to a state that really needs help. The highways are broken and just awful. My car has low-profile tires and no spares and I was scared they'd burst. Some of the roads are so bad you feel like you're riding a horse. To make matters worse, there's no rhyme or reason behind the road closures. You have no choice but to get off the highway for construction and oh man, the backroads are terrible.

We went into a store in Grand Rapids and when the lady at the counter learned we came from Canada, the first thing she mentioned were the roads heh.

I was also told that the water isn't safe to drink in many parts. Of course, Flint is also in Michigan and infamous for its water problems.

Didn't really have time to do much except check out some excellent museums but we went to Olive Garden on the way back.


I think any Italian would cry eating there. The portions are huge and there is just cheese all over. It's super delicious though. The fresh bread, sauces, and salads were all so tasty.
Entertainment / Re: "What TV Shows Have You Watched Lately?" Thread
« Last post by Pugnate on Saturday, August 27, 2022, 09:22:27 PM »
Season 2 was pretty good. Season 3 was fascinating. Felt like a completely different show.

Season 4 was also quite good.
General Gaming / Re: Cyberpunk 2077
« Last post by Pugnate on Saturday, August 27, 2022, 09:20:29 PM »
I am loving it. I don't know what bugs were in the game before but it feels like a really memorable RPG so far.
General Gaming / Re: Cyberpunk 2077
« Last post by K-man on Friday, August 19, 2022, 09:48:09 AM »
I'm curious, too.  Might snag it on a sale if it's been "fixed"
General Gaming / Re: Resident Evil 5 -> PC version will ditch G4WL + switch to Steamworks.
« Last post by MysterD on Saturday, August 13, 2022, 09:10:18 PM »
Resident Evil 5: Untold Stories Bundle (DLC's)

WRITTEN on 08-12-2022.

I just took on the Resident Evil 5 DLC's (namely the two short DLC campaigns) that are from Untold Stories DLC Pack and are also a part of RE5: Gold Edition. I had a blast with them, to say the least. Took about 2 hours to do the first DLC of the club (Lost In Nightmares DLC), which felt like a lot of classic survival-horror gameplay here (focused on puzzles, finding items and using them properly, and not always focused on action...even there there is some of that) and about an 1h30m to do the second action-packed & tough DLC (Desperate Escape DLC). I should note that while these can be done online co-op style, you can also do them solo-style & offline ... in which I did the latter there.

The Lost In Nightmares DLC takes place in the mansion for Resident Evil 1, which I'm sure this DLC is going to give long-term RE fans & RE players since those days a lot of vibes, feels & nostalgia from that particular game. In this short DLC, it's loaded w/ lore in-game to read and all, to catch the player up on what's been going on there, what's going on w/ Umbrella these days, certain important characters to the franchise & why they're there. Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine are the two major players & protagonists in this one, in which on your 1st playthrough, you'll play as Chris and your friend or AI-teammate will be Jill.

The gameplay & controls here is basically typical RE5, so it has that RE4 style of gameplay here (if you choose that style of controls & gameplay, which I did); and you can play w/ the Keyboard/mouse and/or the gamepad (which is up to you). This DLC is more focused on story, plot, Lore, and puzzle-solving; a lot of the staples of old-school survival-horror...even though this game's done & designed w/ the RE4 & RE5 style of controls & that camera viewpoint (which is in 3rd-person perspective & right behind the player at almost all times), thankfully - as we've certainly evolved since the old days of fixed-cameras & tank-controls from old-school RE & Silent Hill.

Regardless, if you're looking for those old-school vibes of RE & nostalgia; puzzle-solving; some action here & there peppered in; an awesome boss fight; and a lot of Lore, story, & plot crammed into such a short DLC (around 2 hours, it took me) - look no further than this Lost In Nightmares DLC for RE5 here, since it's awesome.

Desperate Escape DLC (DE DLC) takes place during the events of RE5, in which you can see how Jill Valentine (with blonde hair!) & Josh Stone escaped this place in epic fashion, who helped out Sheva & Chris in the RE5 base-game. Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine & Josh Stone are the two major players & protagonists in this one, in which you'll play as Jill and your friend or AI-teammate will be Josh (from RE5 base-game). In this (also) short DLC, it goes the complete opposite direction of the previous Lost in Nightmares DLC (LiN DLC).

This DLC isn't mostly focused on say Lore and story here, as it's really focused on lots of action in big open-spaces & areas. Sure, there's a puzzle here & there, but nothing really taxing compared to previous RE's. Your min focus here in combat - and in terms of style, if you loved a lot of the combat sequences and whatnot found in say RE4 & RE5, you're going to have a blast. The DLC is certainly not easy by any means - yes, I did die quite a bit here, especially compared to LiN DLC. And the final epic encounter is nothing shot of awesome here too & ends in quite epic fashion. In its action-packed style & way, this DLC's awesome if that's what you're looking for in a RE title.

Personally, I like variety and both styles that each DLC here brings to the Untold Stories table. LiN DLC is so old-school in its style of gameplay being more focused on the survival-horror side of things & is focused on Story & Lore in its brevity, which is awesome - meanwhile the DE DLC really rounds things out here on the DLC Campaigns here for Untold Stories by offering the action-packed stylings of RE4 and RE5 style in its DLC in its brevity & short run-time.

Despite their short run-times, the actual quality of these DLC's are awesome. Both DLC's are awesome and quite different from each other - though they both offer up an excellent & even better whole package when taken altogether here, despite their brevity. While there is other content in this package, I'm mostly interested here in the DLC Campaigns - and after around 3 1/2 hours altogether, I finished up the Untold Stories Pack of Campaign and am so glad that these awesome short stories were told.

One last thing. Capcom, I hope you're reading this. Since LiN DLC is so awesome & loaded with nostalgia, feeling like a Love Letter to old-school survival-horror fans and old-school RE fans - man, I really wish Capcom would Remake from scratch RE0 and RE1 in the new-school style of controls (i.e. no tank controls) and the improved camera viewpoint that every RE game since RE4 has had going on (no fixed cameras and the camera's almost always in 3rd-person right behind your character). We can debate here whether RE4 even needs a Remake yet (i.e. I think it has aged very well still, IMHO - since I recently played it and it still feels like the foundation & formula for every RE since RE4) - but I do feel like RE0 and RE1 could really use some love - since you've already did great things with RE2 Remake. So, please Remake RE0 and RE1, like you did with RE2 Remake - yeah, that would be great.
Sounds pretty good. I should probably get around to playing RE4 at some point.
General Gaming / Re: Resident Evil 4 PC -> Update: HD version w/ Steamworks support & 60 FPS coming
« Last post by MysterD on Saturday, August 06, 2022, 05:53:59 AM »
Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition (2013) [PC / Steam]:

Resident Evil 4 will always hold a special place in my heart, being both somehow my actual first RE game (how is this even possible, given that OG versions of RE1,2, and 3 were also on PC?) & my favorite RE game. For a long time, RE4 to me was the best RE game, until recently RE2 Remake came along & flipped my world upside down.

RE4 a long time ago was brought to the PC at retail (on disc in 2006) & while it certainly was a great game, that RE4: OG PC Version was best played with the controller since the PC controls were a mess (i.e. not mouse-friendly, it lacked mouse-look & you had to use the cursors keys or whatever you mapped them to for aiming) & was unfortunately a very bare bones port of this classic.

Still, it was better to have something than nothing, since RE4 was & still is such a great game - but that original lackluster PC port lacked a lot of the great mouse-look & the proper porting process which later went into RE5 (Resident Evil 5) & pretty much every PC port of a RE game that came here to the PC after RE4. While there was a mod to add mouse-aim & whatnot, fixing the OG RE4 PC version & all - but the problem here was that I could never getting that mod working on Windows 7 or W10 unfortunately. Well, Capcom took another crack at RE4 here w/ a re-release in 2014; enter this RE4: Ultimate HD Edition (2014) which is here on Steam to solve all of those problems, which is easily the best PC version of RE4 by far.

You have plenty of options here in RE4: UHD [Steam-version] here on PC...such as support for higher-resolutions (such as 1080p); AA features; old graphics textures and new graphics textures options; 60fps support this time around is allowed (the original RE4 PC port was locked to 30fps, BTW); & a few other graphical features.

Oh, and there's even support for Achievements here on RE4: UHD on PC, which is always welcome to keep players Achieving things in-game and also for replay-ability. This game straight-up supports the mouse now & mouse-look out-the-box & it plays great, playing how you'd normally play a modern RE game since say RE5. Sure, you can still use a gamepad, if you like - and I use the old USB-based Xbox for Windows PC Controller here, BTW - but now having mouse/keyboard support feels great just for aiming down the barrel properly right out-the-box, as you'd expect from any other PC game with shooting.

Performance was perfectly fine on my aging gaming laptop with an i7 4720HQ, 16 GB RAM, 2 TB HDD, 4GB of VRAM on the GTX 960m & W10x64 at 1080p30fps. I also could easily max this out on my old gaming desktop at 1080p60fps loaded with the following specs: i7 950, 16 GB RAM, multiple HDD's, GTX 970 & W7 x64 - and this new RE4: UHD version ran smooth as butter & both ran & looked much better than the original version of RE4 from retail on disc.

Using a mod called RE4 Tweaks for RE4: UHD, you now have even more options than what the dev's (QLOC and Capcom) intended. With even more graphical features & support - utilizing this on RE4: UHD is a great idea. Not only that, but it also gives the cut-scenes full-blown Subtitles support in English, which for some reason wasn't in any version of RE4 on PC. Having this mod is a must here, even if it's just for utilizing Subtitle-support here - but you can do a lot more w/ that than just that.

In this game, you play Leon S. Kennedy, the veteran cop who was in RE2. The U.S. President's daughter (Ashley) gets kidnapped...and Leon has to basically go down to a foreign country; investigate the village there; find Ashley & try to return her home. Of course, this isn't there's a mysterious cult causing all kinds of problems there & is up to no good too, as a virus outbreaking is happening there. Of course, some familiar faces from previous RE games return & all kinds of madness here is breaking loose, as Leon is here to save Ashley & the world here.

While the story is rich plot-wise & character-wise & whatnot for its execution - well, it can sometimes get corny, not be not written that hot, over-the-top, and/or things of that sort - though there's still a level of ambition & charm here to it all...even when it sometimes it's not spectacularly written and often can make you smile with its charm, with, cheese, and/or being straight-up campy, whether it's purposely done...or not. Still, for the most part, a lot of this is executed quite well with great cinematic cut-scenes, tons of plot & story to follow and whatnot...and this is especially true for a game during this time period for when this game was first released (2005 on consoles & 2006 on PC).

Combat here is in 3rd person viewpoint, right behind the character that you're playing as...which mostly will be Leon, throughout this experience. A lot of survival-horror games didn't have this viewpoint, as it was usually fixed camera angles wherever the developer(s) wanted the camera to just be & sit there - so this was influential to the genre. One of the things worth noting here is that combat does not allow you to move you feet, once you aim - you stand-still and you aim & shoot - which to me always seemed weird, as I'm used to PC games like FPS's where you can both move and aim & shoot simultaneously.

Though, while this isn't a cover behind a wall type of mechanic - it still has that feel of pop & shoot even, like say those cover-based games have...since you can't move your feet when aiming. Other than that minor & odd complaint, the player still can get used to this quick, once you realize it ain't that big of a deal...and also how well this game itself & its levels and enemies are actually designed. The controls for combat are smooth & all here, getting away from the tank-controls and fixed camera angles in previous games and other survivor-horror games like earlier Silent Hill games. This new style here in RE4 is basically the foundation for the future of RE franchise....except in future RE's, you will be able to also both move your feet & character while you aim & shoot too.

Also, during some cut-scenes & whatnot, you'll have to properly match up the controls on-screen with what the character is doing on-screen, in Quick-Time Events (QTE's), which are similar to these QTE's you've seen in Shenmue games and/or in David Cage's games from Quantic Dream. This game had them on & off and here & there, doesn't beat you over the head with them thankfully unlike some other games do, so that you don't grow tired of the QTE's.

Also, the Inventory here is a separate screen here & pauses combat when used - and you will be constantly jumping between this & combat constantly while playing; especially later on when you got more weapons, enemies & whatnot on-screen. More modern RE's like RE2 Remake & RE3 Remake also have you access a Quick-Inventory style Inventory (similar to Fallout 4's Quick-Loot) not on a separate screen entirely, but also while you're in the middle of gameplay & combat, not stopping any action on-screen, which still can keep the flow of combat going.

As usual per RE titles, there are puzzles here - though, there's nothing ridiculous & outlandish here on that front. No obscure puzzles and/or answers...and/or anything of that sort. You'll often have to get through an area and/or labyrinth of a level; defeat a bunch of monsters; find some items; see if you can combine said items; and then advance to the next part. Some enemies and boss fights, you can't just use straight-up taking them down, as you'll need to use smarts and/or figure out how to defeat them, in a puzzle sort of way. Some boss fights, are a combo of smarts and/or using the right weapon or item to hurt them...and then defeat them.

Throughout the game, you'll run into a Travelling Merchant, who you can buy equipment from. You can buy all kinds of different items, guns, armor, and/or other stuff. You can also sell items to the Merchant & even upgrade you equipment too - giving the game a somewhat lite-RPG feel here. While you can't upgrade yourself, you can upgrade your weapons & equipment here. It's always keeping you playing & aiming to get that next weapon, upgrade, item, equipment, or whatever. Some treasures you find, you can actually combine and then sell them for more $, if you can figure out which ones to combine to make a special items more valuable & whatnot.

After almost 28 hours here (around 27h24m) or so w/ the Base-Game, RE4: UHD version was finished & added to the book. That certainly isn't the end of things, as there is an extra campaign here too (Ada's Campaign of Separate Ways - and yes, I will get to that at some point) & other modes (like Mercenaries) that you can unlock when you finish the Base-Game's Campaign.

Regardless, RE4: UHD on Steam is a major improvement over the original RE4 Edition (2006). as this newer UHD Edition on Steam for the PC has improvements across the board w/ much better mouse-look controls for PC-style gameplay, better performance with also 60fps support, extra resolution support, more graphical bells & whistles, Steam Cloud Support, Steam Achievements, and improved support in other ways too.

RE4's UHD Edition on Steam is the best version of the game found on PC currently & the best way to play my personal favorite RE game, which is often - for very good reason - regarded and on many lists of critics & gamers alike for The Best Games Ever Made. Throw the RE4 Tweaks Mod on top of this version for a few more improvements & features and here you have absolutely the best way here to play RE4 on the PC.

Simply put: RE4 is nothing short of a masterpiece here as a game & to experience it in its best form in this UHD Edition with also the RE4 Tweaks Mod equipped is nothing short of awesome & a joy to play. This UHD version is a must-play game & a must-play version of this survival-horror classic.
Entertainment / Re: "What TV Shows Have You Watched Lately?" Thread
« Last post by gpw11 on Wednesday, August 03, 2022, 11:36:02 PM »
How is season 2 of Westworld?  I fell off pretty hard when trying to get into it when it first came out.  Not so much because of the show itself but more other things going on so I'm curious if it's something I should give another shot at.
General Gaming / Re: Cyberpunk 2077
« Last post by gpw11 on Wednesday, August 03, 2022, 11:32:46 PM »
What did you think?  Honestly, I enjoyed it quite a bit
Entertainment / Re: "What TV Shows Have You Watched Lately?" Thread
« Last post by Pugnate on Thursday, July 21, 2022, 08:27:34 PM »
I started Westworld and it's so so good. On season 2.
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