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So I played Eternal Daughter.  This game is hard!  I must have died 30 times already and I'm only a few screens away from where I started.

It is a very hard game, yes.  Here's a guide if you need a hand.  You can blame one of the two Aquaria devs for that - Derek Yu.  I realized upon listening to the show again that I mistakenly said "the guys who made Eternal Daughter".  I'm pretty sure that was Derek Yu and another dude, not the guy he's working on Aquaria with... the other "half" of Bit-Blot.  That guy is Alec Holowka, one of the other dudes from TIGSource, which Derek heads up (and which you should read, because it's awesome).  I believe Alec also worked on I'm O.K., a popular (and not-really-as-controversial-as-you-might-think given the target audience) game that was made in response to the infamous Jack Thompson game-making proposal that I'm sure we all still remember well.  If you haven't play it, you fucking need to.

Anyway, I did talk to Alec on their boards the other day and he said that after they finish up Aquaria they may well join us for a podcast interview.  I'm hoping it pans out, because I think those guys are great fun.  Check out Derek Yu's site for more fun stuff.

Im currently listening to the podcast.  I just got to the section where pyro mentioned the whole video game addiction thing.  Im actually the friend he mentioned that did a paper on the subject - It was actually my graduate project for my Masters degree.  If you guys have any such interest in delving further into the subject, Id be very happy to participate in the next podcast as a guest speaker of sorts.

and for whatever reason my comma key brings up the find command.  weird.

Let me guess, you're using Firefox?  That happened to me once for some reason.  Went away on its own before I could figure out why it was happening or how to fix it, heh.

And yeah, he mentioned that it was you I think.  I honestly don't know whether or not we'll get into the subject in greater detail.  I'm still considering what to do for the next show.  Have been so busy I haven't had enough time to really give it heavy thought.

Well, if you decide to I'd be happy to lend my "expertise" to the subject.  It would be nice to actually take all this work and utilize it for something other than a grade.

And what do you know, the comma issue has resolved itself !


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